Berea Farmers Market

Saturdays 9am - 1pm at Fee Park, 401 Chestnut Street, Berea

Tuesdays 3pm - 6pm (May, June, July) at Memorial Park, W. Jefferson, Berea.

Junior Farmers Markets at Berea Farmers Market!

on the last weekend of each summer market, we are proud to host the Berea Junior Farmers Market. Thanks to funding from the NRPA, Heather Dent is the proud manager of this wonderful junior farmers market project. We have hosted a couple of these events in the past and now, due to this funding support we have been able to make 2019 a full season. Come and check out our next junior farmers market on Sept 28th or consider joining us as a vender! For more information see the fb page:

junior market2.jpg

"An Experience I Won't Forget", Gerald's Intern Experience

I have always been curious about agriculture ever since I was young and used to help my grandmother in her garden. Therefore, I chose to work with the Berea Farmers Market as my first internship so I could explore my curiosity. So far, I have really enjoyed everything especially the interactions I have had with each of the vendors and customers.

My tasks for the Farmers market is centered on Marketing & Design. Therefore, I have created pamphlets, flyers, and vouchers from scratch. I have also worked on the website some, and I have spent time out in the community representing the Berea Farmers Market.

I had the chance to visit several vendors like the legendary Mr. Bill Best Farm. I was instantly put to work helping him prepare crops for the remainder of the season, and then as a reward for my hard work, I was able to take some of his famous tomatoes home. I also had a chance to visit Salamander Springs, and got a glimpse of what it means to live “off-grid”. I also spent some time with Grow Appalachia, Maced, and the Madison County health department & extension office.

Honestly, this experience has been one that I will always remember for good reasons. I have definitely gained skills that will be useful in my career within the corporate sector, and I have been humbled by my experiences and interactions. I also gained a new passion in agriculture, I have actually started my own little homestead, and I have plans to travel abroad for a year to study agriculture in other countries. Anyone looking to gain a fast track experience into the “Farm lifestyle” should definitely reach out to local farmers and see if there are any volunteer options or simply reach out to your local farmers market.