Berea Farmers Market

Saturdays 9am - 1pm at Fee Park, 401 Chestnut Street, Berea

Tuesdays 3pm - 6pm (May, June, July) at Memorial Park, W. Jefferson, Berea.

This 2018 Vendor Application is for returning members and new members who have been board approved. If you have not yet been board approved, please fill out our form on our "Become a Vendor" page. For 2018 fees, please see our Fee Schedule


FARMER VENDOR: If you are selling food, plants, other agricultural products (i.e. fiber, hemp) and/or body products, please submit:

❏    Vendor Application

❏    Member Agreement

❏    Farm Plan - This document is a “best guess” estimate with approximate harvest    amounts.  PLEASE DOCUMENT ADDITIONS/DELETIONS TO YOUR FARM PLAN THROUGHOUT THE SEASON.

❏     If you are selling meat or eggs: copy of approved labels & certificates (see page 3)

❏     W-9 (for new members who want to accept BFM tokens)

❏     Copy of Sampling Certificate if you plan to sample food


VALUE ADDED VENDOR: If you are selling processed farm products such as canned food, baked goods, body products and/or pet treats please submit:

❏     Above documents for farmer vendor application

❏     Copies of KDA, health dept. and/or other certificates

❏     List of all your approved products indicating which item is grown on your farm.

Note: BFM is a Grower Only Market. As such we require your Value Added Products to contain at least one ingredient grown on your farm. KY House Bill 391 requires home processed products to contain a primary or predominant ingredient that has been grown, harvested, and processed by the farmer to qualify for the program.

Two popular examples for eligible home processed products would be Zucchini Bread or Strawberry Jam - the zucchini or strawberry being the farm-grown ingredient.


PREPARED FOOD VENDOR: For the sale of ready-to-eat food at the market, please submit the below. If you would like to be exempt from our grower-only policy, please see our Vending Value Added Products document. 

❏     Vendor Application

❏     Member Agreement

❏     Sample Menu Plan with ingredients you will grow or source from BFM farmers

❏  If you are growing any of your own ingredients, please submit a Farm Plan.

❏     Farmers Market temporary food service establishment permit

❏     W-9 (for new members who want to accept BFM tokens)

 Note: Prepared food vendors must demonstrate a direct farm impact for farmer members of BFM by offering menu items that contain ingredients sourced from farmer members of BFM. When available at BFM, ingredients must be purchased from market members.


ARTISAN VENDOR: If you are selling hand crafted art, please submit:

❏    Artisan Application

❏    Member Agreement

❏    W-9 (for new members who want to accept BFM tokens)

Note: Any additional craft items you plan to sell that have not yet been presented to the board must be pre-approved by the Berea Farmers Market Board of Directors.