Berea Farmers Market

Saturdays 10 am - 1pm at our indoor location Parish House, UM Church, 101 Fee Street, Berea.

Tuesdays 4pm - 7pm (May, June, July)

2017 Fee Schedule

Duration of the Agreement:

This agreement applies to the current Berea Farmers Market, Cooperative season only (4/1/17- 4/1/18)

Fee Schedule:

Annual Vendor Member Fee (April 1st, 2017-April 1st, 2018): $240.00

Day Fee (non-members - up to three times a season): $20.00 per day

Each Farmers’ Market booth is 10x12 ft. One full membership guarantees one booth space for the entire season. The annual fee can be paid in monthly installments of at least $20.00/month or paid in full at the beginning of the season.

If you join the market later in the season, monthly installments have to be paid up front until current. For example, if you join in June, the minimum fee due is $60.00 upfront (for April, May and June), with the remainder to be paid in installments.

Please Note: The entire annual fee is your membership cost. Your fee does not depend on how many months you plan to actually attend the market!


Day Trading (Trial membership):

Booths are also available for non-members on a daily basis for up to 3 times a season. Day Fees will be applied towards the Annual Fee should day traders decide to become full members.


Market Tokens (Debit/Credit and EBT)

BFM happily accepts Debit/Credit cards and EBT for you. We issue two types of tokens: one for EBT and one for Debit/Credit cards. If you would like to participate in the Token Program we ask a service fee of $1.00 if you accepted 1 type of token and $3.00 if you accepted both types of token that day of the market.